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Why Choose IHP?

Remote Opportunities

  • Freedom to practice from your own officeIHP Telemedicine providers can work from their home offices, giving them the freedom to create their own schedules and dictate their work-life balance

  • Ability to help communities in need - IHP Telemedicine supports hospitals and health systems in geographic areas of need. You will often encounter patients who are truly grateful for your help and dedication.

  • Earn extra money by being a telemedicine provider - If you want to earn extra money on top of your permanent job, but do not want to have to travel to do locum work, then work with IHP Telemedicine and earn on an encounter basis. Whether you wish to commit to 4 hours a month or 240 hours a month, you can earn extra money.


Your Dedicated Partner
For ED, Hospitalist, ICU & Urgent Care Services

Proven Model, Proven Outcomes
Satisfied Clients & Providers

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